The New Economy Favors the Wealthy




“It is easier for a camel
to go through the eye of a needle
than for a rich man to enter heaven.”
Jesus (Mark 10:25)

Well done!

I took a week off from the financial rat race to assess our gains over the last 30 years. I must say our achievements exceeded my expectations.

Our hopes are soaring as we continue the war on wages begun in Wisconsin. Remember past victories: the productivity of American workers has risen tremendously for three decades, but our tactics have kept workers’ wages stagnant. Thus, our return on investment has skyrocketed.

Perhaps our greatest achievement is tax policy. President Reagan cut our maximum tax rate of 70% to a mere 28%. We have accumulated great wealth through low corporate taxes–and even gained billions in government subsidies. Our assault on the ‘death tax’ guarantees power and wealth for our posterity. Meanwhile, we have often increased taxes on the poor and middle class. Again, I say, “Well done!”

Our campaign is not finished. True, we have decimated the private sector unions. Nearly one in three Americans belonged to a union in 1980. Gentlemen, I am thrilled to report that unions now claim only one in thirteen workers.

As you know, Reagan initiated the war on wages by decertifying PATCO, the pilots’ union. As one example of our extraordinary success, young regional pilots now make less than $20,000 a year. They can’t even afford a decent motel room for their stopovers.

North Dakota Senator Byron Dorgan complained in 2009 that 223 people died in 20 crashes due to pilot fatigue. When will these bleeding-heart liberals learn that the New Economy requires collateral damage?

Big Business Triumphs

Surely our greatest recent success is the Tea Party Movement. Imagine, we fund these groups with millions of dollars, bus them wherever we want, and our corporately-owned media gives them far greater coverage than those calling for Wall Street regulation. Instead of being outraged by big business for destroying the mainstream economy, our Tea Party stooges represent our interests by passionately blaming big government.

Our strategy for busting public sector unions is working. As planned, our major media outlets are comparing the public sector unions with low-wage private sector jobs. Thank God! If they contrasted our Wall Street wealth with the wages of Main Street’s minions, we would surely lose.

Our propaganda is effective. We must make the middle class too poor to exercise power–while we continue to increase the power and riches we deserve.

Plato was right. The masses are asses. Only the elite can rule properly. Who needs ‘democracy’? We are the wealthy. We are the rulers. We know what’s best. Dominance is our destiny.

Still, the unions are gaining sympathy. We must continue to define the debate. So I commend Ohio Governor John Kasich’s linguistic jiu jitsu advocating “collective bargaining reform.” We “establish equity,” Kasich announced, by pitting taxpayers–not us–against workers.

And as Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker said in his infamous phone call, “Each day we are going to ratchet it up a little bit.” The threat of firings should bring the riffraff to their knees. So I say also to these savvy politicians, “Well done!”

As Vice-President Cheney advocates, sometimes we must “go to the Dark Side.” So we will intensify the anger of taxpayers toward unions. We will insist that public sector workers are to blame for state budget deficits. We will swell the ranks of those believing ‘the American Dream’ really is for everyone.

This is war. Our revolution is nearly complete. Since our Supreme Court victory in Citizens United, we can spend without limit to buy elections. Moreover, our only competition for money and manpower is the unions. If we bust them, we break the Democrats.

Gentlemen, we are destined to dominate. And with your persistence, one-party rule beholden to our interests–and ours alone–will soon affect our permanent place as America’s aristocracy.

A Rich Middle-Age Ruler

©2011 Harry Rix. All rights reserved.

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